Getting Your Garden Ready For BBQ Season

18/07/19 News

Summer is the time for kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the nice weather with some of your nearest and dearest and where better to do this than in the comfort of your very own garden. So with summer in full swing and the smell of grilled food filling the air, now is the time to pull the BBQ out of its cosy garden building home and get your garden looking its very best. Here at Tates of Sussex we understand that for those of us who maybe don’t manage to spend as much time gardening as we would like, that getting the garden looking good in a short space of time can be daunting. Here are some of our top tips for getting your garden and garden buildings ready for your next big summer BBQ this year:

2. Lawn Care

Bringing your lawn up to scratch for a last minute garden BBQ doesn't have to be a headache, just pop down to the garden building that houses your mower and a quick trim will do the trick. Just make sure the grass is completely dry before starting, mowing wet grass could cause damage to both your lawnmower and the lawn itself which will result in more work than it’s worth. If you are having a fair few people over, try not to cut too much length out of it (no more that around one third of the height at any one time) as a little height will help protect the lawn from footfall. To get a really clean finish, try to make sure that with each line of mowing you make across the lawn is slightly overlapped by the next, that way you should end up with a more even result. 

2. Garden Buildings and Furniture

If you are the proud owner of a garden shed, garden office, playhouse, log cabin or summerhouse that has been painted in the past, giving it a fresh lick of paint in time for a BBQ will help to make your garden really shine in time for your big event. Of course a BBQ isn’t a BBQ without somewhere for your guests to sit, so if you haven't already, pop down to your garden shed or summerhouse and bring your garden furniture out for a little airing. A fairly obvious place to start is removing and dirt, dust and debris but as with wooden garden buildings, some garden furniture will need a specialist treatment to keep it in tip top condition throughout the BBQ season. 

3. A Little Trim and Tidy

Now you can set aside a good few days on this task if you fancy an excuse to spend some relaxing time in your garden, however if (like many of us) preparing your garden for an upcoming BBQ has not been at the forefront of your mind, an hour or two should do. The key here is to focus in on a few selected areas instead of taking on the mammoth task of removing every single weed from your outdoor haven. One of the most obvious ‘quick fixes’ is to sweep any rogue gravel or bark that may have found itself escaping its happy place, clearing paths and walkways takes only a few minutes and gives an aesthetically pleasing finish in no time. Borders and beds can look immediately more impressive by simply adding a little extra fresh compost to the surface, no planting or clearing involved. So if your gardening tools have spent the best part of the year hidden away in a garden building, now is the time to dig them out. 

4. Sprucing Up The BBQ

If your BBQ is soon to be making its first appearance from the garden shed this year, then be sure to give it a little love and attention before inviting your friends over for the BBQ of the summer.  You might have a relatively new BBQ which is great, a quick scrub should have it gleaming and looking good as new in no time. Of course, if your trusty BBQ has seen a fair few dinner events in it’s time then purchasing some new equipment could help bring it up to scratch and looking just a little more impressive than last year. For those looking to buy a brand new BBQ for the summer of 2019 you’ll need to consider whether you are after a charcoal or gas set up, depending on your cooking preference and needs. A great way to ensure your BBQ stands the test of time and is protected come wind rain or shine, is to opt for a BBQ that has a hood attached to make sure your lovely new grill is kept safe. However a hood can’t guarantee the security of your beloved BBQ, a garden building such as a garage or garden shed are perfect places to pack up and store away any BBQ ready for next time. 

5. A Few Finishing Touches

A great way to spice up your garden so it’s ready for a fantastic BBQ is to add a hanging basket or two. Baskets are easy to manage and even easier to set up, injecting an exciting splash of colour in minutes. Bedding plants such as Begonias, fucsias and petunias are perfect and although they are not ones to last a great length of time (ordinarily one season), these beautifully vibrant plants are fast growers and can be excellent value for money. If you need a little extra guidance when it comes to bedding plants and hanging baskets, have a look at our handy bedding plant guide which should help you in your quest to striking colour in no time. 

Here at Tates of Sussex we are more that just a gardening centre, our team of green fingered experts are on hand to provide help and guidance for all your gardening needs from weeding and planting to entertaining. If you’re in need of a new garden building to store your garden equipment, BBQ or gardening tools then we have plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect garden shed or garage.  Our exquisite Malvern collection of buildings come with a whole host of optional extras, and with safety at the top of our agenda these high quality buildings are truly built to last, using some of the finest and most durable materials available. We are currently offering a huge 20% off our malvern sheds and summerhouses and 5% off our greenhouses so now is a great time to think about how you would like your garden to shine this summer. For more information on any of our products, further gardening tips  or even join our gardening club please contact the team or visit one of our centres.