Potted and Container-Grown Christmas Trees


Cut trees are the most common and easiest way of buying your Christmas Tree, but other ways of purchasing your tree include potted and container-grown Christmas Trees.


1. After purchasing, de-net as soon as possible.
2. Plant in a wooden barrel, terracotta or plastic pot in a good quality tree and shrub compost.
3. Please read points 4 and 5 for cut trees.
4. After Christmas, plant in the garden as soon as possible, but wait if the ground is frozen hard. Spread the roots out into a hole filled with good tree and shrub compost.
5. During the year, especially if hot and dry, water regularly at the roots and all over to create the same climate as their natural environment; cool and drizzly.
6. New growth is normally indicated in May or June by lighter green shoots. Not all potted trees will survive – usually only around 50%.


These are trees that have not been potted but grown in the same container since young.
1. Keep in pot, caring in the same way as above.
2. When apparently root-bound, pot into a larger pot, several sizes larger, to avoid too much regular root disturbance.
3. If planted in the garden, be careful not to disturb or cut the roots too much when re-potting to bring indoors.
4. Bring indoors gradually to avoid shock, perhaps from garden to garage, then low heated room and finally to a warmer room.