What Is A Playhouse

Playhouses, or wendy houses as they’re sometimes known can be almost anything to a child. Hosting tea parties, running a restaurant, hiding in a secret den, the limits of a child’s inventive play are endless and a garden playhouse can be the perfect catalyst to let little imaginations run wild. Playhouses provide a safe space for children to truly make a building their own, to have no rules or regulations and to explore the world they live in. A playhouse can be as large or as small as your garden allows and is more often than not just the one story high, although there are some available with a set of stairs and second story. The age of the child can depend on which style or size you choose to go for, but with a wide range of wendy houses available it shouldn’t be too hard to find the perfect fit. Playhouses are a great way to get your kids enjoying the sunny Sussex summers outdoors!

The Importance Of Outdoor Play

Exploring the outdoors is an important part of a child’s development and an outdoor wendy house provides the perfect excuse to get them away from the television or tablet. When it’s school holidays, the rain is pouring and the inclination to go outside is dwindling, a wendy house can be an ideal solution to the boredom of being cooped up indoors. Being in the outdoors and enjoying the garden is something that every child should experience if they have the opportunity to do so. Allowing children to learn how to care for nature and create scenarios in the outdoors is an important part of opening their mind to all the wonderful things their garden can bring.  Introducing a wendy house to even the most limited of spaces allows a child to bring their experience of play into the outdoor realm, and that can be very liberating. 

Choosing an outside wooden playhouse over a plastic alternative helps a child get even closer to nature and understand the link between the trees they see outdoors and the material their wendy house is made of. Just like an adult is made to feel more relaxed and at peace in a wooden log cabin or garden office, the same is true for children in their experience of being in an outside wooden playhouse. 

A Tates Playhouse

Built to the highest of standards, Tates garden playhouses are fit for purpose no matter what the time of year or weather condition. With security, safety and insulation informing these beautifully designed playhouses, you’ll feel happy in knowing our wendy houses are equipped with your child’s welfare and enjoyment at heart. With a range of sizes and styles to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect garden playhouse that can really feel like a home from home. So why not make your garden the talk of the town and give your child the wendy house all the kids want to play in.

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