Pumpkin Season Begins

14/09/17 News

As the leaves change colour and the nights draw in, pumpkin season has begun!

If you are a pumpkin and gourd aficionado you may want to pop into to see Paradise Park Garden Centre’s lovely display of pumpkins – beautifully grown, locally in Sussex.

Here are some information titbits about the varieties available:

  • The delicious Crown Prince and unusually coloured Turk’s Turban are sweet and nutty – they also look great on your kitchen windowsill.
  • Harlequin and Baby Bear have sweet flesh, great for frying.
  • Kabocha are excellent roasted.
  • There are large Goosebump pumpkins, or you could have a go drying and making your own instrument from a gourd (Kids – please ask for an adult’s help with this).
  • If you wanted to be more adventurous, you could try the Italian recipe of Tortella di zucca  – excellent with parmesan and some salty butter – a lovely supper for an Autumn evening.