How To Choose The Right Garden Building

29/04/19 News

It is thought that the average UK household spends around £150 per year on their gardens, and  as spring settles itself in across the country, more and more of us are finding ourselves falling in love with our outdoor spaces. Maybe once considered a past time for those enjoying retirement or with a specific interest in plants, the art of gardening (and the range of garden buildings that are often associated with it) are becoming increasingly popular with a much wider audience. Across the country a massive 568,700 jobs are supported by ornamental horticulture and landscaping, which tots up at a rather impressive 1 in every 62 jobs. With this in mind it is fairly unsurprising that many would agree that investing in garden buildings to complement our treasured outside spaces, is a pretty worthwhile venture.

Which Garden Building Is For Me?

At a time where garden spaces are proving to be quite a hit, the versatility and practicality of garden buildings can make them a natural companion to almost every outdoor space. Not everyone has the luxury of a large plot and so this year one of our biggest trends when it comes to finding the right garden building for you, is to really make the most of what you’ve got. Whether you have a few acres at your fingertips or a modest plot, with the right garden building you can start to reclaim unused garden space leaving no stone unturned or patch unloved. If you take a little time to weigh up the different garden buildings out there, before long you could just have the garden of your dreams.

Garden Buildings For Storage

Taking a design approach to managing the space you have can help you make the most of your garden in so many ways, especially when carefully incorporating a garden building to the mix. One of the most popular garden storage solutions are humble garden sheds, especially useful for gardeners who require a garden building primarily for storage purposes as opposed to larger scale entertaining or office working. When it comes to buying garden sheds in Sussex, the choice can seem a little bewildering but with a variety of different sizes and shapes available,  the good old garden shed can fit into almost any garden nook or cranny. Tidying away tools and removing any unused ones can mean a small garden building such as a our budget garden shed can serve a fantastic purpose, whilst freeing up more garden space for some beautiful blooms.  If utilising space and finally securing an organised, efficient storage system is high on your garden agenda then investing in a garden shed could be the perfect move.

Garden Buildings To Entertain

Research from the HTA (Horticultural Trades Association) has found that overall outdoor living market is worth around £1billion, and that certainly includes a wide range of garden buildings.  For many people, the focus of a garden has shifted from a space to look at or ‘work on’ to a part of everyday life, a usable space with multiple functions including entertaining. If we look at the  sales of garden pizza ovens and BBQs for example, their rise in popularity is a sure sign that more people are choosing al-fresco dining. Where maybe dining rooms are a little on the small side, a beautiful garden building such as Summerhouses and log cabins are the perfect solution for those keen to entertain. Both of these garden building options offer highly adaptable indoor spaces that can provide a brilliant extension to alfresco dining in the summer as well as a handy indoor solution once the weather gets a little chilly. Garden summer buildings such as log cabins and summer houses are actually used throughout the year, and thanks to our high quality constriction and durable designs our garden buildings are suitable for any weather condition. If you are looking to invest in the entertainment value of your garden then a garden building such as these are a brilliant option.

Garden Buildings That Bring Work Closer To Home

Across the UK there appears to be a growing trend for employees to work from home in the quest for a better work/life balance, leaving homeowners across the country crying out for a quiet, separate space from which to work.  Without a fairly significant amount of money in the bank for an extension of conversion many people are turning to garden buildings, specifically, garden offices as a solution to their office needs.  For some, a garden building can provide the perfect detached space for uses other than office work, in fact a garden office can make for the perfect art studio or hobby space. Investing in this type of garden building is an attractive prospect for many, especially homeworkers who will usually start to see a return on their investment fairly quickly due to the nature of its use. If you’re looking to invest in a garden building that provides a productive and pleasurable environment plus potentially adding a little value to your property then a garden office could be your answer.

Garden Buildings For Green Fingers

Of course many of us are simply just green-fingered at heart and love nothing more than planting and maintaining our beautiful outdoor spaces, and garden buildings are a fantastic way to help facilitate this. For many gardeners, the prospect of growing crops and plants that may not traditionally flourish in the harsh UK climate is a fairly attractive prospect, and could be why garden greenhouses continue to be a very popular garden building option. Greenhouses serve to trap water vapour and maintain the warm conditions needed to facilitate plant growth, however with so many options available you may need a little guidance on choosing the right one for you.  The beauty of these garden buildings is that they are suit all gardners from amateur right through to professional. With a range of designs, these garden buildings find themselves squeezing into smaller gardens such as the Wide Easygrow Greenhouse, as well as standing out from the crowd such as the slightly more elaborate Victorian Greenhouse. If you’re looking to invest in a garden that allows you to get back to nature and grow some beautiful blooms, then a greenhouse could be the perfect garden building for you.

Garden Buildings From Tates

With so many ways to make garden buildings work for you, investing in one really could have a huge influence on the way you enjoy your garden for years to come. So whether you love to spend time pottering, working, reading a book or entertaining friends in the garden, in whatever the weather, a garden building could be just your answer. At Tates of Sussex we offer a range of garden buildings all designed and constructed to the very highest of standards, helping us achieve an outstanding local reputation for quality and service. If you’re thinking of making an investment in a garden building and would like more information please find a Tates garden centre near you, or contact the team who will be happy to guide you through the process.