Visiting our Branches

Our Garden Centres have been designed to maximise accessibility and we extend a warm welcome to all.

Shopping areas are flat and level. Where stock is displayed at high level, staff are available to assist as required. Wheelchairs are available on request, subject to availability.

Car parking for the disabled and coach set-down is on flat tarmac, close to the main entrance. Disabled toilets are available in each garden centre and inside each coffee shop. Nappy changing facilities are available at all premises.

Visiting our Website

Our website has been designed to ensure that users get the best experience and can navigate our site to find the information they are looking for with ease.

  • We use sans-serif fonts at slightly larger than average font size so that page information and product information, including prices, are clear and legible
  • Our brand colours have been chosen and used in a way that helps advertisements, banners, text and buttons stand out with good contrast to aid any users with visual impairments
  • The search feature will help users find products or blog post information quickly and easily
  • Links to all of our important documents and policies can be found in the footer of our website on all pages
  • ALT tags/text (Alternative Text) has been added to all images to help users with screen readers
  • Our Tates of Sussex website has been built to be responsive where the elements will wrap within website browsers of different sizes and devices, allowing the information to be clear and readable with a clean layout on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles