Log Cabins

What Is A Log Cabin? 

A log cabin is a building, sometimes also referred to as a dwelling, made of logs with a very distinct ‘less finished’ architectural design. With an ancient history rooted in Europe and America, log cabins are often associated with the first homes of settlers. Today they feature in the gardens of many people across Sussex as garden log cabins, and are far from the rustic structures of the past. 

Using A Log Cabin 

The purpose of a Tates garden log cabin knows no ends, and these contemporary garden features are becoming more and more popular as alternative ways to make the most of garden spaces. The light, airy and spacious interior provides the perfect environment for so many different purposes such as:

Working from home - What better working environment than a log cabin, giving you the natural surroundings and beautiful view of your own garden to really boost productivity.

Art studio - When it comes to inspirational setting and natural light, a garden log cabin can provide even the most amauter of artists with the environment to produce their next masterpiece. 

Entertaining - Social butterflies can host the best gatherings on the street with a garden log cabin, whatever the occasion this warm attractive setting is one garden feature worth investing in. 

A Tates Log Cabin

If you are looking for the best log cabins in Sussex, Tates is the best place to start. Our team of experts are able to guide you through the process of not only choosing the right garden log cabin for you, but identify the best location for it. We understand gardens come in all shapes and sizes and our corner log cabins provide the perfect solution to even the most testing of space issues, getting the right fit for you is important. Our garden log cabins are built with durability and strength at heart, whilst giving you a space that is cosy in the winter and cool in the summer. Built from high quality timber to provide insulation and security, our log cabins are equipped for all weathers and fit for purpose all year round. At Tates we have a beautiful range of environmentally friendly garden log cabins ready to serve as idyllic places to relax, work and entertain. Built to the highest of standards, ours are amongst the best log cabins in Sussex and designed to bring a touch of luxury to your garden.

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