One of the most popular winter pot plants. It originates as a wild flower in Turkey and has been in cultivation for more than 100 years. If you look after your Cyclamen it will flower year after year.


Bright indirect light, such as a North-facing windowsill is ideal. A temperature of 10-15˚C is essential. As many rooms are centrally heated to a much higher temperature than this, Cyclamen tend to be short lived. An unheated dining room or spare room is ideal. It must also be protected from cold draughts. Water from below, whether in a tray or by immersion. Water must not be allowed to stand on the crown (the fleshy part that the stems grow out of). The compost should be kept moist, but not waterlogged. If possible use rainwater or distilled water but this is not essential. They like quite high humidity so misting occasionally is a good idea. Feed regularly when in growth and flower.


Stop feeding and gradually reduce watering. Store the pot and crown (the leaves will have wilted and can be cut off) somewhere cool and dry until mid-summer. The crown is then repotted into fresh compost, burying to half its depth so that the top is visible. It should then be kept moist until growth re-starts.