A Poem brings a Happy Easter

18/04/17 News

A visiting customer from Cornwall, who was recuperating from an ankle injury in nearby Ardingly, was caught by the poetic muse and the wonderful selection of plants at Paradise Park and luckily decided to put down her words for their ‘Poems for Plants’ competition 2017. Susi was thrilled to have won first prize of a luxury box of chocolates and Plant gift vouchers, which she received from Plant manager Mark Curtis and said she looked forward to many more visits to the garden centre. Pictured is Susi with her prize and her winning poem. Our thanks and Happy Easter wishes go to all our customers and everyone who entered this year’s competition.


Inspiration in Paradise

I worked hard for all of last week,
Some gardening therapy I now seek.
I’m far away from my home ground,
But, I believe here, paradise has been found.
Lovely plants to admire,
Trees, shrubs and pretty flowers all inspire.
Nothing better for a gardener’s heart,
Than seeing Spring at its new start.
Paradise truly in the odours, scents and sights,
A fine time to visit, to view these delights.
I cannot choose but one plant to write of,
So many to choose from, so many I could love.
But, I’ll simply write one more line,
To say that honestly, Paradise is divine!

By Susi, Our 2017 Winner of Poems for Plants