Thinking About Reinventing Your Garage?

13/03/19 News

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage space as part of your home offering, then you’ll probably know it can be a lot more work than expected to keep a garage organised and functional as opposed to the ‘dumping ground’ we are all pretty familiar with. There has been plenty of talk around the rising popularity of the humble garden shed as something a little more than a place to keep a few plant pots and muddy tools. And with the upshot of the popular ‘shed of the year’ we’ve seen the British public show off some pretty incredible imaginations and even more incredible handywork. But surely creativity in the home doesn’t start and end with sheds, could 2019 be the year of the garage? So much more than a place to park your car, it’s thought that converting a garage not only gives you an additional living space but can also increase the value of your property by up to 20 percent.  So if you’re thinking about giving your garage a little more than a makeover this year, here are a few things to consider:

What Type Of Garage Do You Have?

Before thinking about extravagant garage designs, conversions and uses, have you thought about the space you have to work with? Garages tend to fall into one of three categories: attached, integrated and detached and each one could have a slight impact on the type of conversion you choose to go with. Detached garages are usually stand alone buildings which can be perfect if you don’t mind a short walk across the garden or drive to access it. The only slight issue with this type of garage conversion is that you may require planning permission, especially if it is to be used as a separate living space. Both attached garages and integrated garages are adjoined to your house, with attached garages giving you access to it from inside your home, making a conversion that little bit easier. You might also want to consider whether you have an apex garage (which may give you a little more roof height) or a lean-to garage or pent garage which tend to have slightly flatter roofs.

How Much Does A Garage Conversion Cost?

It is thought that converting your garage could give you extra space in the way of 14m (squared) for a single garage conversion; ideal for or a brand new home office or entertaining area, maybe even an extension to your living room or kitchen. Whereas those lucky enough for a double garage extension could see around 28m (squared) of extra space, which is a fairly impressive amount of room to play with.

The space you are converting unsurprisingly has an impact on the amount you can expect to spend, and so in terms of how much a garage conversion costs, you will probably looking at around a minimum of £6,000 for a new living space, especially if you want your garage to look like a natural extension to your home. It is worth noting that this price can rise a fair amount if you are looking to convert a detached garage as it requires a slightly different approach to building. However when compared to a standard house extension that is thought to cost around £13,000, if you’re looking for a new space in your home a garage conversion can often seem like the way to go.  As opposed to a standard extension, a garage conversion comes with the added benefit of not requiring any new walls to be erected or foundations to be laid, it’s also more than likely that you have an existing electricity supply which can also help to keep costs down.

Don’t Let Your Garage Conversion Become An Eyesore

It is important to make sure your hard efforts don’t make your garage conversion stand out like a sore thumb, and this is where (if your design skills are not quite up to scratch) you may need the help of a professional designer.

When sitting down with your designer to discuss the ins and outs of your garage conversion, there are a few things to think about . Whether it’s a single, double, pent or apex garage, if you want your conversion to flow seamlessly into your home, you will need to ensure the building materials and cladding used on your garage space match those of your house. This also stands true for the type of windows and doors used in your design, not only will they help to tie the two buildings together but they will also serve as an invaluable source of natural light for your beautiful new garage space. Of course some people would prefer their garage conversion to look like a modern addition to their home and choose to use very contemporary cladding to emphasise the marked difference.  Either way, it is worth considering these factors well in advance of your build as, done properly, they should inform your final design.

How To Use Your Garage Conversion

If your garage hasn’t seen a parked car for years then converting it into a liveable, useful, space such as a home gym or office could be the perfect option for you. The hardest part will be whittling down the many different uses for a garage conversion to just one, giving you a brand new room that not only adds monetary value to your property but also provide hours of use.

It’s the new year and more and more of us have health and fitness at the forefront of our minds, but with gym membership prices becoming an unpopular expense more of us are considering converting unused spaces such as garages into home gyms. The ceiling height and size of a garage can be perfect for a fitness room, where smaller equipment such as weights can be stored overhead, leaving enough floor space for larger machines or mats.  A well converted garage can also be the ideal space for a home office; located close enough to home amenities it is also detached from daily life, giving you the separation you need to maintain a healthy work/life balance. These are just two of many options out there, and as with any conversion you will need to think about things such as insulation and floor resurfacing to provide the perfect environment for your needs. But it’s safe to say the beauty of a garage space is its versatility, so go forth and let you imagination run wild.

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