The Rising Popularity of Garden Offices

13/03/19 News

The Rise Of Home and Garden Offices

The wonder of technological advancements in recent years have certainly been impressive and seem to have made their way into nearly every aspect of our daily lives, sometimes rather unexpectedly. The importance of effective technology in the workplace has been on the radar of most businesses lately, especially the new found ability to take part  in virtual interaction across the globe and in a number of different forms. This has meant workers (primarily office-based) are no longer restricted to the ties of any one particular desk in order to carry out their tasks. With this has come the opening up of a whole new and exciting world of flexible working that has erupted outside of the home and into garden offices and outdoor offices all across the country.

The benefits of flexible working are pretty attractive, with employees having the chance to better work/life balance which of course, help overall health and wellbeing especially with the option to spend time in home office garden buildings. Where flexible working practices for mums or dads was once one of the most popular reasons to depart from the office, the rising popularity of this form of working has meant a much wider range of people are now jumping at the chance to work from a home or garden office. With more flexible ways of working being linked to increased productivity as well as employee retention and loyalty to a company, the rising number of employees working from  home or outdoor offices is becoming increasingly attractive to employers too.

Benefits Of  Garden Offices

According to a recent study from freelancing website Upwork, around two thirds of companies have remote workers, that’s a huge number of people potentially working from home or garden offices. For those who find themselves wanting to work remotely but either don’t have the space (or budget) for an office conversion or spare bedroom on hand, then an outdoor office could just  be the perfect solution.  

  • Outdoor offices and productivity. The coming together of technology and nature can bring so many benefits to workplace productivity, and with an estimated 1% increase in productivity thought to improve the UK economy by £20bn, it’s certainly not something to ignore. One report from the World Green Building Council suggests that a range of factors affect workplace productivity including natural light, air quality and natural views. Home office garden buildings seem to address all of these factors and could explain their rising popularity amongst flexible workers up and down the country.

  • Garden offices help cut the commute. For those who are tired of traveling to work, have chosen to work from home but still want to feel as though they are going ‘out to work’, a garden office can be the perfect solution. Home office garden buildings mean work is only ever a short walk outside the back door, but still enough to create a health separation between work and home life. An outdoor office or ‘shoffice’ not allows homeowners to maximise space in order to benefit their careers but can potentially also help to increase the value of a property.

Outdoor Offices and Garden Offices From Tates

Investing in a garden office can not only save you in commuting time and provide a better work-life balance, but could also help you save money in the long run especially if you are self employed and comparing costs with that of a rented office space. There are a number of features to consider when choosing the right home office garden building for your needs, especially if you intend your new garden building to be multipurpose. From insulation, ventilation and glazing to durability and external aesthetics; here at Tates of Sussex our team are on hand to help guide you through the best options available for you.

A garden office from Tates comes with a range of different roof types to choose from to suit individual requirements, double glazed throughout to encourage better insulation and a wide variety of sizes to suit almost any size or shaped garden. The Hallow Home Office  features a triple casement/vent window and  single door to the front, whilst the Hanley Home Office, made from beautiful western red cedar boasts glass to ground windows, with double doors plus two privacy ventilation windows to the rear of the building.  Our exquisite Malvern collection of buildings comes with a whole host of optional extras, making them the perfect fit for almost any garden office need. These high quality buildings are truly built to last, using some of the finest and most durable materials available making our outdoor office solutions some of the highest quality in Sussex. What sets us aside from many of our competitors is that we also offer free, no-obligation site surveys to really help our customers make the best possible decision. If you are interested in purchasing a new garden office or garden building from Tates, please contact us today and one of our friendly team will be in touch to help you find the perfect building for you.