A Quick Guide To Better Garage Storage

29/01/19 News

Why Clear Your Garage?

Having a clear and tidy living environment, including a garage has always been a bit of a New Years hit and with the arrival of 2019,  the message remains strong with people all over the UK grabbing the ‘New Year, New Me’ mantra with both hands. The importance of a clutter free living environment, your garage included, is thought to improve your well-being in a number of ways  including lowering anxiety and even improving confidence. Maybe you are already aware of the organisational prowess of Marie Kondo, deemed a ‘cultural phenomenon’ this year, but having a quick delve into her work may well inspire you to start your decluttering journey with probably one of the most disorganised spaces in the house, your garage.  Having a clear garage gives you more space in your home which today is a huge commodity, it also helps you save time in looking for things as well as making for a safer environment and helping to prevent any nasty infestations.  The humble garage might not seem the most obvious place to kick off proceedings, but seeing your garage as a potential asset to your house, could just inspire you to give it a little love this year. So if you’ve been thinking about tackling your garage woes but not quite sure where to start, here are a few ideas to get you going:

Your Post-Christmas Garage

One of the first big strains of the year on your garage is the big festive clearance and so pulling together a garage storage plan for your decorations could just save you the annual headache from now on! One of the best solutions for those items that have pretty minimal use for the majority of the year is to install some overhead storage racks, typically mounted to the ceiling this form of garage storage can also help to protect slightly more fragile items from any colder air on the floor. Using large plastic containers to store decorations in your garage is also a great way to keep rarely used items in one place, as it only needs to be accessible once a year they can be neatly tucked away out of sight. Keeping your garage floor clear is one of the best ways to begin your clutter free life, and will give a little more room to work out how much garage space you really have to play with.

A Little More On Overhead Garage Storage

When thinking about overhead garage storage one of the first things to consider is what it is you actually need to store, whether that’s tools, bike equipment or craft items, before you can decide which kind of storage system you need. You will probably also find it helpful to categorise your items together, making it a lot easier to quickly find them again in your new and improved garage space.  If you have a lean-to garage or pent garage, your flat roof will make for the ideal surface to set up some of the ceiling mounted garage storage solutions available such as a ceiling storage lift, pulley system or hooks. Ceiling mounted shelves are also ideal for garages with flat roofs and perfect for storing any larger, heavier items out of sights way. An apex garage certainly doesn’t rule out overhead storage, but it might mean you need to use systems such as slings and hooks installed into the walls. Each of these overhead garage storage solutions allow you to keep those heavier, bulky items away from your garage floor whilst allowing ease of access when needed, all helping to give you that clutter free life you’ve been dreaming of!

Utilising Garage Walls For Gardeners

Some of you without a garden shed may well consider using your lean to garage as a bit of an outlet for your green-fingered activities, serving as the perfect place to store all of your much loved gardening equipment. But even in the most spacious of garages those bulky add-ons can take up an awful lot of room, so thinking carefully about hanging storage solutions here could be your answer. A fantastic way to make garages a tool friendly space is to make best use of any nooks and crannies to hide away garden equipment (the long handled variety in particular). A tip here is to fix individual hooks onto any unused wall areas between doors or other furniture, allowing them to hang neatly out of direct sight.  But making the most of garage walls doesn’t have to stop at gardening, a whole range of items can be attached to the wall of your apex, pent or lean-to garage. You can take garage wall storage to the next level by installing some slatwall panels, whilst helping to give the garage a cleaner look they are perfect for storing slightly larger items such as sports equipment or ladders. Pegboards can also be particularly useful, from which a simple hook can be used to hang anything from tools to odds and ends making your garage walls some of the most efficient spaces in your house!

Make Way For Your Garage Floor

Whilst you might have some ideas for overhead and wall storage in your garage, alternative solutions such as foldable work benches could also help to make the most of your garage floor space (once you have it). Freestanding heavy duty shelving or cabinets are also a fantastic garage storage option if attaching things to the walls is not really something you are looking to do. This type of storage is perfect for the smaller things in life you need to keep organised and accessible in your garage, as long as these items are carefully labelled and categorised you should be able to find (and access) pretty much anything at the drop of a hat. When it comes to different and interesting ways to keep your garage floor clear the list really can be endless, from a car cleaning station to specialised systems for keeping your favourite sports items safely packed away until the next time. With a little imagination, your garage could become one of the most used rooms of the house instead of the dumping ground for useful and unuseful items it can oh so easily become.

One of the biggest things to remember when organising your garage space is to keep only the things you really need, installing a sophisticated garage storage system to best utilise your space will only be beneficial if it’s giving you access to things that are useful and beneficial to you. If you are thinking about purchasing a new pent garage, lean-to garage or apex garage as an investment into your property, Tates Of Sussex could be your answer. Here at Tates, our friendly team are able to guide you through the process of finding the perfect garage for you and your needs. With quality and design at the forefront of our offering,  all of our garages are constructed with a heavy duty framework and toughened glass throughout so why not take a look at our range of garages online. For more information please find a Tates garden centre near you or contact the team.