A Beginners Guide To Buying Log Cabins

21/03/19 News

With Spring just around the corner now is the perfect time to be thinking about investing a little time and love into your garden, so if your outdoor haven deserves a little treat this year, why not introduce a new log cabin to the mix. Investing in garden log cabins can bring so many benefits not only to your garden but your lifestyle too, and with quite a selection to choose from finding the right one for you can become a little bewildering. When it comes to looking for log cabins in Sussex, a little guidance from our team of experts should help you on your way to finding the perfect fit.

Why Do We Buy Log Cabins?

One of the most popular reasons for investing in log cabins is the versatility they provide,  including (and certainly not limited to) multi-use entertainment spaces, home gyms,spacious craft rooms and temporary guest accomodation. Well designed  garden log cabins can provide invaluable extra space whilst also serving as a stylish new outdoor feature, and with an estimated £1 billion being spent by consumers on garden leisure in 2016, the popularity of garden buildings such as log cabins remains high. For many who are in need of extra space, whether that’s to accommodate a growing family or an expanding business, the option to build an extension can sometimes be financially out of the question.This is where log cabins can jump to the rescue; providing much needed space at a smaller cost than most house conversions. Thanks to their versatility, practicality and attractive design, a garden log cabin can even help to increase the value of a property, something most of us would probably welcome with open arms.

What Are Log Cabins Made Of?

It is thought that some of the earliest log cabins date back to the Bronze Age, as the name might suggest, they were typically constructed of wooden logs interlocked together in pretty simplistic but effective manner to provide shelter. Today, garden log cabins all over the world have held onto their timber origins,  giving these garden buildings their traditionally unique look and feel. What helps to make the log cabins we see today so popular, is the quality of timber now available for construction. Choosing a building made from the highest quality timber will not only make it a more attractive feature for your garden, but also ensure your investment is a long term one. When shopping for log cabins in Sussex, one of the best types of timber to look out for is a slow-grown variety, this will help to ensure the density is at its highest meaning it should be more durable and resistant to the elements. This in turn will help to ensure the log cabin in less prone to the splits, cracks or warping that can sometimes occur in wooden garden buildings.

Here are Tates of Sussex, the high quality timber used to construct our log cabins range in thickness depending on the level of insulation required. If you plan to use your building as a retreat mainly for the warmer months, one of our 19mm options such as the Aberdeen Log Cabin could suit your needs. A little thicker than a garden shed this type of garden log cabin comes in at a slightly more affordable price, whilst maintaining exceptionally high durability,  perfect for seasonal uses. If however you are after more of a year-round building, a thicker, 28mm option such as the Alston log cabin  or 44mm Ashford log cabin could be what you need. Both of these options help to provide insulation in the winter, reducing heat loss and a generally built with increased strength. For those with maybe a little more room to spare, these thicker timbered options are often available in more extravagant designs, perfect for creating a real impact in the garden.

Where Is The Best Spot For My Log Cabin?

If, like many of us, space is not on your side and you need to fit your new garden building into a convenient spot then you should maybe start to look at corner log cabins to carefully slot into unused nooks and crannies. If you do have the room to play with, finding a nicely leveled south-facing space can really optimise the amount of direct sunshine you can enjoy.  However, if you need electricity for whatever reason, whether than be for a home gym or office, the location becomes a little more restricted. You’ll need your garden log cabin to be close enough to the house and it’s mains supply, as well as considering how to cover any cables or dig them underground. An incredibly important thing to remember when choosing your spot is to ensure it is not directly under trees, falling branched, debris and unremoved wet leaves can cause damage to the roofing. Without thinking through the location of your new log cabin, you could find yourself incurring some rather unwanted and unexpected  costs in minor repairs.

What Should My Log Cabin Look Like?

When looking for log cabins in Sussex, you’ll find there are an almost infinite number of options available depending on the shape, size, colour and features you would like for your new garden log cabin. Of course, one of the first things to do is look closely at your garden to help you decide whether a large, small,contemporary or traditional design is going to be the best fit. Aside from size, the type of roof is often an important aspect of choosing the right log cabin. The traditional look and feel of an apex roof, such as the Lincoln log cabin is perfect for providing a little extra headroom, and the overhang at the front can help protect against heavy rainfall. A pent roof on the other hand tends to provide a slightly more modern feel such as the Kingston log cabin, where the headroom is increased towards the front. When it comes to aesthetics, most log cabins can be painted to whichever colour makes you happy so feel free to let your creativity flow. There are also a range of different doors and window available, from full pane styles to allow maximum daylight, to the more georgian style of paneling which can really help to provide a traditional finish. At Tates, our log cabin windows and doors come in a range of fully and half glazed options, and our team are always on hand to provide a little extra guidance if needed.  

Does My New Garden Log Cabin Need Permission?

This is a pretty important question, and in most cases garden log cabins will not require planning permission to go ahead. However there are a few exceptions such as if the building is within 2 meters of the property’s boundary, then the height must not exceed 2.5 metres. A log cabin should not be used as a form of self-contained accommodation, nor should it take up any more than half of the land attached to the property. But don’t let this put you off, when it comes to buying a log cabin our team are on hand to help you find the right planning guidance, you can also see the government’s planning portal for more detailed information.

Log Cabins At Tates Of Sussex

If you’re soon to be looking for log cabins in Sussex, why not take a trip to Tates where quality and durability are always at the top of our agenda. When it comes to our log cabins instead of relying on imports, our beautiful buildings are designed, machined and manufactured by us so we have complete control over the quality of manufacture and after-sales service. All of our garden buildings are of the highest quality,  with non standard builds available and a choice of 3 types of cladding, why not choose Tates for your new garden log cabin. Visit one of our sussex garden centres or give us a call on 01273 512123 or more information.