Our Top Gardening Tips for June

13/06/19 News

For those of us lucky enough to enjoy some of the glorious weather lately, summer really does seem to be settling itself in, bringing with it so many different ways to enjoy our gardens. From the promise of long leisurely bbqs and alfresco dinners with friends and loved ones, to finally getting round to trying your hand at crop growing, June is a fantastic time to utilise every last inch of your beloved outdoor spaces and even your garden buildings. This month sees the arrival of the longest day of the year (21st June) so it’s important to keep your garden in tip top shape if you really want to make the most of it this year. Whilst summer holidays are great, where better to lap up the sunshine and while away the lighter brighter days than in the comfort of your very own garden.

One of the biggest gardening tasks for June is managing those fantastically blooming plants and shrubs, which will lap up every last drop of sunshine that comes their way.  However unfortunately weeds are also big fans of summertime, and will have found a whole new lease of life lately, which will of course require a fair amount of your attention.  Sowing, trimming, hoeing and plenty of watering all feature highly on this months gardening jobs, meaning there should be something for budding gardeners of all ages to get involved with.

So whether you like to potter around in garden sheds, grow your own fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse or are hoping  to spruce up the garden in time for the kids making the most of their playhouses there are so many reasons to start on some gardening jobs this month.  Many of us long to spend more time away from screens, so why not reconnect with the great outdoors this month and get your garden looking and feeling the best it can. If you’re a little stuck for ideas, here are some of our top gardening tips for June to get you started:

Flowers and Bulbs

Now is a great time to start planting out any summer bedding especially any sprouted Dahlias or similar species, between now and July is also a good time to think about planting any winter or spring bedding plants such as wallflowers or winter pansies. June is also a brilliant time for sowing, which can not only be a rather relaxing task in itself, but also a great way to inspire children to get involved with gardening. Some great species to sow in June are hardy annuals such as Calendula, Godetia and Clarkia as well as ornamental cabbage to inject a little colour alongside your other winter bedding plants.

At this time of year annuals should ideally be thinned out on a fortnightly basis to help prevent them from becoming too spindly, spring flowering perennials will also need a cut back. Once any old or dying foliage has been removed, it’s a good idea to lift, divide any clumped bulbs and replant inorder to have the best chance at growing success.  As plants seem to be growing at a fairly rapid rate this month, now is a great time to erect support poles and plant rings to help taller herbaceous plants such as delphiniums and peonies grow to their full potential. If you’re keen to start growing your own then June is a brilliant time to sow runner beans, sweetcorn and french beans for a mouthwatering crop this year.

Shrubs and Trees

If you’ve been busy planting trees or shrubs lately (and by lately we mean the last year or so), especially in grassy areas, be sure to leave a good clear circle of earth around the base of the trunk to ensure they receive enough moisture. Towards the end of this month, any spring flowering shrubs will need pruning by cutting down some of the older wood which in some cases may be anything up to around a third of it. When it comes to climbers such as celementis, regularly tying in new stems will help to prevent a rather unsightly entanglement of new shoots and make way for a tidier growth.

Pests can become particularly problematic this time of year, red lily beetle and sawfly are particularly active as well as vine weevil which can be especially harmful to containers. If you have a much treasured rosebush in your garden, be sure to regularly spray a fungicide (ideally in the evening to reduce harm to wildlife) once every fortnight or so, until autumn arrives. To prevent an infestation of greenfly, which can be a common problem around this time of year, try to regularly use a foliar feed and of course, if you do come into difficulties do get in touch with your local Tates Garden Centre where a member of the gardening shop team will be able to help.

General Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, June is a time for weeds to really take hold of your garden without a fairly regimented maintenance plan in place. Of course weeding really doesn't need to be the bane of your gardening life, regularly taking a hoe to borders and leaving the plant to die in the sun is often enough to keep on top of things. On another note, once the weather brightens up watering becomes paramount to gardening success and is something that can often be forgotten. We recommend containers and hanging baskets are watered on a daily basis, perhaps even twice if the weather is particularly dry and windy.

Garden buildings such as greenhouses also require extra love and attention over the summer months, especially if you are venturing into the world of fruit, veg and herb growing. Be sure to pay attention to the wellbeing of your crops as the sunlight pours in by fitting some shading solutions to the window panes, to help prevent scorching and overheating. It is also worth remembering that garden greenhouses do not protect plants from pests, by hanging some yellow sticky traps around the greenhouse you can start to capture any pesky insects.

When it comes to your own gardening jobs this June, our friendly team here at Tates of Sussex Garden Centers have years of experience in all things gardening and are around to answer any of your burning questions. Unlike other gardening centers, we not only offer our customers a range of services and guidance but also host a fantastic gardening club as well as holding regular gardening-related events throughout our centers. We believe gardening should be enjoyable for everyone, throughout the year and our very own plant doctor, David, is on hand at Paradise Park Garden Centre most weekends to offer advice to all of our budding gardeners. For those in the process of planning a garden design, or simply wish to know a little more about a species then our bespoke plant finder is an excellent source of knowledge. If the warmer weather has sparked your desire to try growing your own, or perhaps even transform your garden into a bit of a social attraction then maybe the addition of a new garden building is on the agenda this month.  If so you needn’t look further than Tates of Sussex, as we are currently offering a fantastic 20% our Malvern Sheds and Summerhouses as well as 5% off our greenhouses.  Our showrooms are at South Downs Nurseries and Paradise Park Garden Centre with a selection of our best sellers on display at Mayberry Garden Centre. For more information on any of our  garden buildings, gardening products, garden centres, events or services, please contact us.