Why Invest In A Garage?

Having a lean-to garage is fast becoming one of the most popular storage solutions available to those without an in-built garage at home, and as a space that serves as so much more than a place to park your car it’s a popular feature with many homeowners.  So whatever your storage needs; a Tates garage could be just what you need. With street parking in Sussex becoming more of an issue for those of us with cars, a garage can take the stress away from finding somewhere to park your vehicle at the end of a long day. Having a lockable, safe garage to store your car can not only have a positive impact on your peace of mind but possibly even your insurance premiums.

A Multipurpose Garage

Sought after for its general ability to provide more height than a more traditional garage space, an apex garage can however, be used for much more than simply storing cars and bikes.  Maybe you  need the perfect place to organise and store valuable items, an apex or lean-to garage can open up a safe, reliable and functional solution to your storage needs. Even the most efficient of us seem to hold on to things we don’t necessarily use all of the time, but still need to keep. A lean-to, pent or apex garage can be one of the most cost effective ways to resolve your ever-growing storage needs, especially if a house extension or loft conversion is out of the question. With a little creativity, your new garage could be so many things, this exciting new space could, with some planning and a few finishing touches, just be your new favourite place in the house. So whether you’re after a new games room, yoga studio or craft room, adding a garage to your house could be just the answer

A Garage From Tates

The real beauty of investing in a lean to garage is the freedom of choice that comes with it, and with so many options and features available you’ll soon find the perfect fit.  At Tates of Sussex, we help you to identify your storage needs and guide you through the wide range of high quality apex, lean-to and pent garages we offer. Your new garage is not just a building, its an addition to your house, something that  helps to make your home, well, a home. When investing in a new garage it’s important to get the look and feel of it right, you need something that connects with the style of the house it is becoming a part of.  At Tates, we can help you choose the right exterior appearance, interior space and roof-type to perfectly match your needs, giving you a new building to last the very long term. So if you’re looking for a new sectional building to add to your home that’s practical, effective and looks fantastic, adding a lean to, apex garage or pent garage to your home is a truly worthy investment. 

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