‘Hats Off’ Campaign Well Underway

21/09/18 News

When the weather is cold, a warm hat is vital to conserve body heat.

The Barn Coffee Shop & Restaurant staff, based at South Downs Nurseries would like your help. We’re asking everyone to donate woolly hats to our campaign. They don’t have to be new – they can be handmade or unwanted hats from home too.

We’ll donate them to local charity Off The Fence, who will distribute them to homeless people on the streets of Brighton & Hove.

As you can see, our hat bin is already filling up! 

The campaign is currently running at South Downs Nurseries only, however our other centres are able to accept donations if this is your nearest branch.

Whe are hats important?

You lose up to 50% of your body heat through your head.

Even if the rest of your body is wrapped up, heat loss from your head will cause blood vessels throughout the body to constrict. If you’re not moving around to keep warm, this could result in cold hands and feet, shivering, and even hypothermia.