A Quick Guide To Buying Garden Sheds In Sussex

04/01/19 News

The Rise And Rise Of The Garden Shed

In the UK our obsession with the humble garden shed has skyrocketed, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. General desire for garden sheds in Sussex has always been apparent, with the origins of the word ‘shed’ rooting back to the 15th Century. But the recently sharp rise in their popularity has actually been enough to spark the creation of a new dictionary entry, solely dedicated to our growing passion for all things sheds!

A ‘Sheddie’ is “a person who created a comfortable living space in a shed (a small garden outbuilding) and regularly uses it for work or leisure purposes”. The garden shed is not only a trusty sidekick to the gardener who just needs a small dark space to keep old flower pots and muddy tools. Today, owners of garden sheds in Sussex are from all walks of life, with a whole range of tastes, interests and intentions. Spending time outdoors has been linked to a whole range of mental health and wellbeing benefits with the introduction of the Men’s Sheds movement being just one fantastic way to put your garden shed to good use

The purpose and appearance of our good old garden shed really does know no limits, so when looking for a new shed in Sussex, why not have a think about what it is you really need.

1. Which Type Of Garden Shed Owner Are You?

When it comes to choosing the perfect garden shed in Sussex, one of the first things to think about is what, realistically, you would like it to be used for. Now of course, you may be using your garden shed for the more traditional uses of storing gardening tools, equipment or plants, maybe just anything that wont fit in the house! But according to the Macmillan Dictionary you might fit into one of the following (slightly alternative) types of garden shed owner:

  • ‘Professional’ sheddies are those who have cleverly converted their garden shed into a fully functioning workspace, whether that be in the form of a garden office or creative studio. Either way, these are likely to be insulated sheds, quite often fitted with double glazed windows and internet access.
  • ‘Hobbyist’ sheddies are common amongst the owners of garden sheds in Sussex, and are those of us who loves to spend time maintaining and upkeeping our sheds, usually giving them some quite unique purposes. From pubs to guesthouses, if you have time and imagination on your side, your garden shed could just become your biggest hobby.
  • The ‘Diehard’ sheddies, take the hobby of keeping a garden shed one step further by competing against one another in the annual Shed Of The Year competition sponsored by Cuprinol. Here you will find some truly inspiring ideas and designs to give your garden a little character,  so why not go the extra mile and create one of the best garden sheds in Sussex?


2. What Size Shed Do You need?

Once you’ve honed in on what it is you need your garden shed for, the next logical step is to consider the size of shed you require (and can accomodate). If garden space is not on your side, then a small garden shed is probably for you.  Planned properly, you can really make the most of the internal space, just remember to consider door openings when measuring up, you don’t want a shed you can’t access!  If however you have a larger garden or maybe a more conventional layout the an apex garden shed could be your perfect option, its distinctive apex roofing make it a beautiful freestanding structure for any garden. When thinking about the size of your new shed, also look at whether it will overwhelm the surroundings, finding something that is as natural a fit with your garden as possible will help to avoid this.

3. Where Will Your Garden Shed Go?

If you are lucky enough to have ample garden space from which to choose the perfect spot for your new shed, sometimes the decision of where to park it can be overwhelming. With a few options available, it is worth considering access issues and whether you will need to be regularly taking things in and out of it from the house. If so, you might want something a little closer to your back door. If however, your garden is not a particularly conventional shape or layout, then make the most of those little nooks and crannies with a corner garden shed which can slot away neatly. Alternatively maybe you could try an pent garden shed, which, unlike the apex design has a single angled slope which can be attached to the side of an existing building. This can not only save space but also provide convenience, making fewer cold trips across the garden in the winter.  There are a few extra things to consider when locating your garden shed such as keeping it away from the danger over hanging trees, placing it on a flat dry surface, and also the amount of natural sunlight that might be needed.

4. What Material Should Your Garden Shed Be?

When it comes to garden sheds in Sussex, the majority are largely made from plastic, metal or wood. Arguably the most popular are the wooden sheds, the more natural look and feel of the structure helps to blend it in to the rest of your garden nicely. Whilst they are durable it is worth looking into the the type of timber you are after for your garden and your purposes. A dip treated, or pre-treated timber will help to prevent rot, the preservative used will just need to be sporadically reapplied to ensure protection.  On the other hand a pressure treated timber has a protective treatment blasted at it before it is left to dry and tends to be a longer-lasting solution.

5. What Is Your Garden Shed Budget?

Last but not least, decide how much you want to spend and stick to it. A new shed doesn’t have to cost the earth and when looking for garden sheds in Sussex, Tates offer a wide selection in all shapes and sizes and to suit all budgets. If you’re after a small garden shed primarily for the storage of items such as tools, then maybe one of our budget garden chests could be for you. Prices start at £139 and whilst it’s durability and construction are second to none,it remains one of our most affordable lines. Alternatively, if space is on your side and want to go for a much larger garden shed, then why not have a look at our Holt Apex Garden Shed. At the highest end of our price range, this heavy duty structure is a solid investment that will allow you to use its space for so many purposes.

Our friendly team know it can be tricky to pinpoint the perfect garden shed for your needs, and will work with you to find the perfect new addition to your outside space and the enjoyment a garden shed can bring so why not drop into one of our display centres today, or browse our range of sheds online.