Who doesn’t aspire to have a perfectly manicured lawn?! The trouble is these can be hard to achieve. Read on as we’re addressing the most common lawn problems and giving you the tips and tools to overcome them.

Bald patches

This is one of the most common lawn problems often caused by wear and tear on high-traffic areas, or due to scalding from a BBQ or fire pit, the good news is that this one is an easy fix.

Simply rake the lawn over with a grass rake, then prick it with a fork to aerate it. If the area is very compressed, fork it over to loosen the soil beneath – this gives the grass seed a much better chance of germinating.

Once you have done this, level the area with lawn dressing to inject some nutrients and sow some grass seed – you can get different types for different areas. We would recommend going for Johnsons General Purpose Lawn Seed. Lightly tread in the seed to ensure it makes contact with the soil and give it a good water. Keep it moist and you should start to see green shoots peeping through within a few days.

Johnsons General Purpose Lawn Seed


Moss is another common problem in lawns and is often found in shady areas where the ground is moist.

The traditional way to treat this is to rake it out of the lawn with a spring tine rake, then use your rake or lightly fork to loosen the ground and fill in with lawn dressing. Then, as above, sow grass seed.

A more modern way to treat moss is by using Vitax Moss Remover. As the moss dies back, it is broken down by the natural bacteria, saving the back-breaking work of raking it out. Vitax Moss Remover feeds the lawn for up to 3 months.

Vitax Moss Remover

Earthy Lumps

It’s common to find mounds of soil in your lawn, these can be caused by worms or moles.

Worm casts are a sign of worm activity and worms are great for the soil, so you don’t want to remove them. You may want to remove their casts though, as these can be unsightly. This is easy to do, you simply brush over them with a broom to disperse them.

Moles are not such good news and can become a real nuisance. The best way to deal with them is to get a solar mole scarer which emits a sonic pulse and will politely encourage the moles to take up residence somewhere else!

Mole hill on lawn


If you have weeds popping up in your lawn, a good way to treat them in Spring is with EverGreen Complete 4 in 1. You simply broadcast the granules across the lawn. Your lawn will be greener in 1 week, the moss will blacken and can then be easily raked out, and weeds will be killed within 3 to 5 weeks.

Alternatively, you can choose to retain your lawn weeds to create the foundation for a flower-rich lawn!

Evergreen Complete 4 in 1

The Perfectly Manicured Lawn

Even if you don’t have any problems with your lawn, we would recommend feeding it each Spring with a natural lawn treatment to keep it strong and lush. Our most popular natural lawn feed is EverGreen Natural 4 in 1. This is a lawn food that prevents weeds and moss from developing in your lawn. Natural and pesticide-free, your lawn will be greener, thicker and healthier after the first application.

Enjoy your lawn!

EverGreen Natural 4 in 1