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Finding A Garden Shed in Sussex

Sussex is well known for its beautiful green landscapes and many people across the county are enjoying not only spending time in their gardens, but the hard work that goes with keeping them too. So whether its potting plants, growing vegetables or a little light landscaping work, a garden shed is an absolute essential when it to keeping tools organised and safe.

Purchasing the one for you can be a little overwhelming, especially with anything from pent garden sheds and corner garden sheds to the good old reliable apex garden shed available.  If you’re hunting around for the best garden sheds in Sussex, hoping to find the perfect one for your garden then look no further than Tates.

Gardens Large and Small 

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, and whether you have a country estate or a respectable patch of green, there should no reason why you can’t find the perfect garden shed to suit your needs. If you do have the space then a larger pent garden shed could be the answer. Featuring a roof with a single slope directed away from the door entrance, this type of wooden garden shed can provide the greatest amount of headspace. This is especially good for storing any larger equipment, or the possibility of an alternative use in the future. 

Gardens certainly don’t come in any one standard shape with a seemingly obvious space for a garden shed to feature, some of the most interesting gardens are ones with little nooks and crannies. If you’re working with an awkward layout, a corner garden shed might be just what you’re after. Even the most unconventional of gardens can find the room to home a garden shed if it’s needed. For those of us with a garden where space isn’t quite as available as we might like, then it’s likely you’ll need to be looking at small garden sheds which can be slotted into even the tiniest of gardens with a bit of thought. When it comes to garden sheds, sometimes small can be just as mighty.  

Garden Sheds From Tates

The humble garden shed is busy being used to meet a whole range of needs, from storing bikes and firewood to playrooms and hobby spaces, and demand is rising. If you’re looking for the best sheds in Sussex, Tates could be your answer. With a wide selection of garden sheds available we understand exactly what it takes to provide the perfect solution, whether that be heavy duty sheds to store larger equipment or small garden sheds, perfect for lightweight tools. All of our products are wooden, making them a more natural fit with most garden settings and features.  Putting quality, durability and accessibility at the top of the agenda is what makes ours some of the best garden sheds in Sussex. Our friendly team know it can be tricky to pinpoint the perfect garden shed for your needs, and will work with you to find the perfect new addition to your outside space and the enjoyment a garden shed can bring. 

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