Santa surprises local boy with cheque for the homeless

29/12/17 News

When 9-year-old Layton Munnery from Portslade wrote a letter to Santa at South Downs Nurseries, asking him to help the homeless this year, Santa decided to do just that. Santa’s Toy Factory grotto was run by The Budding Foundation this year and after reading Layton’s letter, charity founder, Clive Gravett, tracked him down to his home in Portslade and invited him to visit Brighton & Hove based charity ‘Off The Fence’, who run the homeless Project Antifreeze.

Staff who work in The Barn Coffee Shop & Restaurant at South Downs Nurseries were so touched by Layton’s letter, they pledged their Christmas tips earned during the week before Christmas to the charity. Santa was able to surprise Layton with a cheque for £1000, which included a donation from The Budding Foundation, that he presented to the charity in front of a TV camera from BBC South East, a photographer and a reporter from The Argus newspaper.

Layton has been invited to volunteer at the charity and will be spending some of his school holidays helping with homeless projects. …/buddingfo…/laytonschristmaswish

To find out more about ‘Off the Fence’ and ‘Project Antifreeze’ please visit