Gardening Tips For October

30/09/19 News
October really is the heart and soul of Autumn, the days may be getting shorter and those bright summer bloomers starting to fade but the array of beautiful colours that this spectacular time of year brings with it is nothing short of incredible. This is of course, the time of year when the leaves are forever falling off the trees leaving deep red hues and golden browns littering our pathways making October a truly magical time of year for your garden.


Here at Tates of Sussex Garden Centres our friendly team of experts are ready and waiting with a whole host of seasonal tips to keep your garden looking and feeling wonderful this Autumn. From planting and general maintenance to simply taking in the beautifully awe inspiring colours that the arrival of October brings, there are so many things to be keeping you busy in your garden this month. So if the change of weather has seen you digging out the woolly jumpers and heading for the sofa, then why not have a look at some of our top gardening tips for October to help inspire you back into the great outdoors once again.


The long sunny days may have come and gone, but that certainly shouldn't mean it’s the end of the road for your love of planting, in fact October can be a great time for introducing some exciting new species to your garden. Adding some new shrubs, trees and perennials now will see your garden well and truly blooming with different textures and shades over the coming weeks, months and even years. October is also a brilliant time to be thinking about adding a splash of colour to your garden, and we’re not just talking about the beautifully rich autumnal varieties here. Whilst Spring may seem a while away yet, October is actually a great time to be  planting wallflowers, winter pansies and spring-flowering bulbs to help guarantee that exciting eruption of bright colour come Spring. If you are a fan of hanging baskets, then why not start to think about replanting. Remove any dead or struggling plants and replace with some beautiful spring flowering bulbs or bedding plants, maybe even some winter heathers or trailing ivies and before long you will once again be the proud owner of some eye-catching baskets.
If greenhouse growing is on the agenda this autumn, sweetpeas are a fantastic option and whats more, our gardening shop has over 42 different varieties to choose from. 

Plant Care

Whilst many of us might look forward to a little time dedicated to planting, it is important not to ignore some of the important plant care jobs that still need to be carried out around the garden in Autumn. Take a few moments to look out for any herbaceous plants that may be overcrowded or simple not flowering as best they could, October is the perfect time to divide these plants out to help them to really flourish. Dahlias may also need a little attention at this time of year, those beautifully blooming flowers are probably struggling a little now and so why not try lifting and dividing them. Cut back a fair amount of the foliage, dry off as best you can and lay in boxes ready to be covered in compost, making sure to keep the crowns exposed.  If you have a dry, frost free garage then it could provide the perfect place to store them over the winter months, if not then try overwintering them with around 150mm of chipped bark to give them a little extra cover.  Applying a layer of mulch to any exposed soils can, in general, really help to improve growing conditions for most plants, shrubs and trees over the colder months, so it could be something well worth investing in this October. 

Fruit and Vegetables 

If you are a little partial to growing your own fruit, vegetables or herbs then October can be a great time to really get your hands dirty and give your crops a little extra love and attention on those chilly days.  Now is the perfect time to think about growing one of the most versatile and popular vegetables to find itself in so many of our dishes at home, garlic.  One of the best ways to do this is to plant garlic cloves straight into the ground, pointed side up and around 10cm apart for optimum growth. You can also find some onion and garlic strips ready for planting from our very own gardening shop.  Of course now is also the perfect time for harvesting some of those crops you’ve been working so hard to cultivate, such as seasonal pumpkins and apples to really get your Halloween celebrations off with a bang. 

General Maintenance

October is the month where there will certainly be an awful lot of clearing to be done around the garden to help keep it looking in tip top shape, with those beautiful leaves falling oh so gracefully from the trees comes the inevitable need to clear them away. Investing in a good quality rake will probably pay off this month,  not only to keep pathways clear and safe but also help prevent the growth of any existing plants from being hindered. Gutters, water butts, greenhouses and other garden buildings will need a fairly regular brush-off, and as the colder weather really does start to set in, garden furniture will probably need to be brought inside. For those who love growing their own in the safe surrounds of a greenhouse, October is the time to be thinking about additional insulation such as adding bubble wrap to doors and walls. If you are a keen composter then this month, why not try turning over the compost heap and adding some compost maker into the mix to really help the decomposition process.

Lawn Care

BBQ season may be over but Autumn is no time to be ignoring your lawn, in fact October is the perfect time to be laying turf if that’s what is needed. Here at Tates of Sussex garden centres we have a range of high quality turf ready and waiting to be delivered to you, of course if you already have a lavish lawn then why not rake in a little Tunstall lawn top dressing to thicken the grass and really help to improve the rooting process. As with the rest of the garden, your lawn will also need to be regularly cleared of any fallen leaves or other debris inorder to help keep it in the best possible health over the colder months. Leaving patches of decaying leaves will only lead to areas of rather unsightly lawn, which will only make more work once those warmer months start to come around again. 

October at Tates of Sussex Gardening Centres

Here at Tates of Sussex we are more than just a garden centre, infact our team of green-fingered enthusiasts have years of experience in all things gardening, going beyond most gardening centers to offer our customers a range of services and guidance.  If the awe-inspiring autumnal colours have sparked your imagination and had you thinking about a few upgrades to your garden, then look no further than Tates of Sussex Garden Centres. We are excited to announce the arrival of our wide range of spring flowering bulbs, which ready and waiting to be planted in your beautiful gardens.  Our friendly team of gardening experts are always on hand to help answer any burning questions you may have, they may even be able to help with the design of your spring beds. If you would like any further advice please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our friendly staff will be more than happy to speak with you.