Why Have A Greenhouse?

Owning a greenhouse opens up a whole range of new gardening horizons, choose the right one and you could be about to embark on one of the most exciting gardening adventures there are. The main purpose of this garden feature is to secure water vapour and heat to provide a warm, humid environment for growing plants and crops. Having a greenhouse gives gardeners an amazing opportunity to plant seedlings outside of their normal seasonal requirements. If you truly love growing plants and want to be able to turn a small hobby into something a bit more substantial, investing in a garden greenhouse could just be the next best purchase you make. 

Finding A Greenhouse For Your Garden

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes,meaning your choice of garden greenhouse will need a little thought before jumping straight into the first one you see. If you’re new to the world of greenhouses or just don’t have the space for a large set up, a small greenhouse could be the perfect solution. It could be that you are at the very beginning of your crop growing adventure and not quite ready to invest in anything bigger yet, or maybe you’re a gardening pro but just don’t have the space, either way a small greenhouse could be your best option. Of course, if you are lucky enough to have the space, then a much larger garden greenhouse could just be the next feature of your dream garden. Depending on where you position your new garden greenhouse, you might want to think about which design is best for you. If it is to be a prominent feature of your garden and very visible from the house then maybe a wooden greenhouse would best please your aesthetic eye. On the other hand if your greenhouse is tucked away, then a simpler more functional aluminium design might be just what you need. 

A Tates Greenhouse

For those with greenfingers, garden greenhouses offer the opportunity to grow plants and foods that wouldn’t be possible in a standard open garden or allotment setting in Sussex. At Tates, our garden greenhouses provide the perfect conditions for your crop growing activities; helping to extend the growing seasons and providing reliable year round shelter for the very best chance at crop-growing success. All of our greenhouses come with a range of features such as guttering, good accessibility and security, meaning your investment will be paying off for years to come.

A Tates greenhouse is crafted with design in mind, ensuring your new garden greenhouse serves its purpose not only in crop production but also as an impressive garden feature. 

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