Hurst Hedgehog Haven at South Downs Nurseries

Event Date: 15th March 2020

Hedgehogs’ unique appearance and proximity in gardens and suburban green
spaces place them firmly in the public’s affections. They’re a wild mammal we can
observe close-up and are a symbol of our natural heritage. Ann from Hurst Hedgehog Haven will be at South Downs Nurseries from 10am - 4pm, giving advice on what we can do to help hedgehogs and improve their numbers in our local area.


Why do Hedgehogs need our help?

In 2007, hedgehogs were made a priority conservation species in Britain under the then UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP). In 2015, The State of Britain’s Hedgehogs, by People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS), outlined the findings of four surveys recording hedgehogs in urban and rural areas, and showed a worrying decline. 


Hedgehogs continue to face pressures in the rural landscape and from urban development, but monitoring numbers, and actions such as 'Hedgehog Street' and public efforts to improve garden habitats and connectivity, might be giving them a chance.


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