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Pets & Aquatics Shop

Welcome to our expansive in-store range that caters to all your pet, aquatics, and wildlife needs. Dive into our aquatics section where you’ll find a delightful assortment of indoor and outdoor fish. We also stock plenty of ornaments, tanks and filters for the perfect habitat. For our beloved feline companions, we offer an array of cat scratchers, ensuring endless entertainment and the satisfaction of their natural instincts. Pamper your canine companions with our stylish dog collars and cushioned beds, providing them with the comfort they deserve. And don’t forget about their health – explore our selection of pet food that keeps their bodies running.

We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive range of products to enhance the lives of your pets and enrich the wildlife around you.

We have hundreds of pet accessories in-store ranging from collars, harnesses and beds to toys, treats and cleaning sprays. Don’t forget about our wild bird food, feeders and tables.

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indoor aquatics and accessories store

Indoor Aquatics

Immerse yourself in our collection of fish tanks, fish, ornaments and accessories. Create a mesmerising aquatic haven with our diverse range of tanks with sleek and modern designs. Enhance the beauty of your underwater realm with our colourful ornaments and variety of gravels. Complete your setup with our handy, high-quality accessories such as filters, nets and food.

outdoor ponds fish and accessories shop

Outdoor Ponds

Elevate your outdoor pond experience with our comprehensive range of products. From essential supplies like nets, tubing, liners and covers to ensure the integrity and cleanliness of your pond, to powerful filters and pumps that maintain optimal water circulation and quality. Discover the perfect combination of reliability and functionality to enhance your outdoor pond.

wildlife products store


Nurture and support local wildlife with our varied range of products including bee and bug houses. From inviting bird tables, feeders and a variety of seeds to attract feathered friends, to specialised food for hedgehogs and squirrels, we have plenty to help you create a wildlife haven in your own backyard. Embrace nature and make a positive impact on the ecosystem around you.

pet products store

Pet Products

Indulge your beloved pets with our diverse selection of products. Discover a world of toys and treats that will bring joy to your dogs and cats. Find the perfect collar, bed, lead or scratching post to provide comfort and style. For hutch animals we offer cleaners, sprays and cosy bedding to ensure their well-being. Pamper your furry companions with our exceptional pet essentials.

Our bIRD & wildlife range

If you are looking for a particular item that is not listed, please call your nearest centre and speak to a member of our team, who will be happy to advise you.