Border Beauties - A Timely Talk

6th March 2019

'Border Beauties': Let your plants sashay in a pageant of perennials for winning borders. continue reading

Plant Nutrient Weekend

9th March 2019 to 10th March 2019

Plant Nutrient Weekend with David Fitton M.B.E continue reading

Garden Re-Leaf Day

22nd March 2019

Paradise Park Garden Centre are hosting their annual 'Garden Re-leaf' Day, with many fun activities organised to raise money for the ‘Greenfingers’ charity. continue reading

Climbers for Places - A Timely Talk

3rd April 2019

'Climbers for Places': An 'uplifting', themed look at the vertical, with selected plants for specific areas. continue reading

Gorgeous Geraniums - A Timely Talk

1st May 2019

'Gorgeous Geraniums': Cool Cranesbills, with varied leaf forms, colour and shapes, a must for every garden and location. continue reading

Tates of Sussex Free Planting Week

10th May 2019 to 19th May 2019

Hurrah! Here again by popular demand is our fantastic offer to plant your plants for you. continue reading

Going Potty - A Timely Talk

5th June 2019

'Going Potty': Perfect plants for pots. Whether it is the Mediterranean patio or an Eastern meditative sanctuary, pots can be the answer. continue reading

Slugs & Bugs - A Timely Talk

3rd July 2019

'Slugs & Bugs': Identification, prevention and cures for your worse enemies. continue reading

By a Long Chalk - A Timely Talk

4th September 2019

'By a Long Chalk': Chalk up success and know you'll be all white with your plantings. continue reading

Owls Out & About at Paradise Park Garden Centre

7th September 2019 to 8th September 2019

Owls ‘Out & About’ will be at Paradise Park Garden Centre on the 7th and 8th September. Come and experience... continue reading