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Bloomin Amazing Soil Enricher 50 Litre

A dig free soil enricher produced by local farmers in the Dorset countryside.

Bloomin Amazing is the leading organic approved 100% peatfree mulch, easy feed and soil conditioner all in one from the renewable energy industry. Helps to create a vibrant, colourful and healthy garden in the following ways:

- Forms a protective mulch to suppress weeds
- High in organic matter to enrich soil
- Feeds plants with essential NPK and micronutrients
- Great for moisture retention
- Light to use and no odour
- Deters slugs

Mix 50/50 with soil or multipurpose compost to create the perfect growing medium for seedlings, young vegetables, salads and tomatoes. Also the ideal planting mixture when establishing roses, shrubs and hedges.
  • Use January to December

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2 FOR £10

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