Garden Offices

Whether you’re a professional homeworker looking for a more effective work space or simply want to enjoy your garden on a work-from-home day, a garden office could be just the answer. ...Read More

Tate’s garden offices are designed with the professional in mind, providing ample space for office furniture and storage solutions as well as insulation and integrated security features. Built for purpose, these beautiful home office garden buildings provide not only practical office solutions, but also a sense of serenity and escape. Being able to connect with the natural environment is thought to reduce stress levels and increase productivity, which could be why more and more people now are looking to invest in garden offices.

The Hanley Home Office

  • Glass to ground double glazing
  • Three roof styles available
  • Made from Western Red Cedar

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From £17010.00

The Charford Home Office

  • Bi-folding or sliding doors
  • Steel framed floor and front corner posts
  • Steel lintel across the front
  • Aluminium fascia boards and soffits

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From £34255.00