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Paradise Park Colouring Competition Winners

9th September 2019

Alfie and Harvey from Newhaven won our summer colouring competition at Paradise Park. continue reading

South Downs Gnome Hunt Winner

9th September 2019

8-year-old twins Daisy and Dylan from Burgess Hill won the Great Gnome Hunt at South Downs Nurseries. continue reading

Old Barn Gnome Hunt Winner

9th September 2019

10-year-old Willow from Ashington won our Great Gnome Hunt at Old Barn Garden Centre. continue reading

Old Barn Colouring Competition Winner

9th September 2019

Enva (aged 8) from Partridge Green won the summer colouring competition at Old Barn Garden Centre. continue reading

South Downs Colouring Competition Winner

5th September 2019

Nine-year-old Lily-Rose from Burgess Hill has been picked as the winner of the Summer Holiday Colouring Competition at South Downs Nurseries. Here she is collecting her prize from Ella. continue reading

Our Gardening Tips for September

3rd September 2019

The start of Autumn means big changes in the garden and is a great time to carry out lots of those little jobs we all love. So if, like many people across the country you are keen to get involved in gardening but not quite sure where to start, here are a few pointers to get you going continue reading