Bare Rooted Wallflowers Available Now

Bare-rooted wallflowers are now in stock at all 4 of our Sussex-based garden centres. Sold in bunches, these are an extremely popular way to purchase wallflowers, as they offer more value for money than most potted plants. They are also hardy enough to cope with winter frosts and they'll establish and flower more quickly than those planted in spring.

Planting your wallflowers:
1) Grow wallflowers in moist but well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade.
2) Soak roots in water for at least an hour before planting them out in borders or containers.
3) Plant them closely together for maximum impact, bearing in mind that they will become bushier as they develop.
4) Water in well and allow to drain.

Ongoing care:
- Keep the soil or compost moist, especially when plants are flowering.
- Regular liquid feeds will help prolong the flowering period.
- Deadheading plants, removing the developing seedpod, may prolong flowering of bedding wallflowers.
- After flowering, cut back perennial wallflowers to keep them compact.