Green Policy

We believe in operating a socially responsible and environmentally concerned business. We invest in grey water recycling, low energy lighting, heat recovery and solar energy. We recycle cardboard, polythene, glass, cooking oil and plastic waste. We are committed to promoting locally grown plants and organic and peat free alternatives.
We encourage mulching, composting, water conservation and other sustainable gardening methods. Our timber products are sourced from certified sustainable sources.

Recycling. We recycle cardboard, polythene, glass and plastic waste. We recycle all plastic returned to us by our customers. Due to the large costs involved, we will only recycle plastics from plants and other items sold in our centres, so please bring a copy of your receipt with you when you return them. Please rinse all plant pots to remove any loose soil before returning. 
Healthy Living. We produce our own cakes and other food using healthy and natural ingredients.
Water efficiency. We collect rainwater to flush toilets and water our plants.
Energy efficiency. We use solar water heating, heat recovery and low energy lighting.
Social responsibility. We assist many local charities and support the local community.
Trading fairly and ethically with our trading partners and customers.
Thinking local. We like to source goods locally to minimise our carbon footprint & support our local community.
Most of our plants are grown on our own Sussex nurseries or sourced from British nurseries.