Seasonal Tips for December

  • Feeding birds is a great natural pest control. Dig over bare soil to expose soil pests. Use high energy bird feeds and fat products to keep birds active during the winter cold.
  • Plant fragrant winter shrubs such as Christmas Box, Daphne, Viburnum farreri and Cornus. Deciduous trees and shrubs can still be planted and transplanted when ground is not frozen.
  • Clean lichen and moss from paths with Vitax patio cleaner.
  • Spray roses and fruit trees with Vitax winter tree wash. Apply grease bands or fruit tree grease to prevent winter moth damage next year.
  • Use glasshouse fumigator to control red spider mite and other overwintering insects.
  • Remove any silt and leaves from your pond. Using a simple ice prevention pond heater will protect fish and allow essential oxygen exchange to take place.
  • Begin pruning soft and tree fruits. Prune open-grown apples and pears (but not those trained against walls).
  • Prune Acers, birches and vines before Christmas to avoid bleeding.