Border Beauties - A Timely Talk

6th March 2019

'Border Beauties': Let your plants sashay in a pageant of perennials for winning borders. continue reading

Climbers for Places - A Timely Talk

3rd April 2019

'Climbers for Places': An 'uplifting', themed look at the vertical, with selected plants for specific areas. continue reading

Gorgeous Geraniums - A Timely Talk

1st May 2019

'Gorgeous Geraniums': Cool Cranesbills, with varied leaf forms, colour and shapes, a must for every garden and location. continue reading

Going Potty - A Timely Talk

5th June 2019

'Going Potty': Perfect plants for pots. Whether it is the Mediterranean patio or an Eastern meditative sanctuary, pots can be the answer. continue reading

Slugs & Bugs - A Timely Talk

3rd July 2019

'Slugs & Bugs': Identification, prevention and cures for your worse enemies. continue reading

By a Long Chalk - A Timely Talk

4th September 2019

'By a Long Chalk': Chalk up success and know you'll be all white with your plantings. continue reading

Plants of Passion - A Timely Talk

2nd October 2019

'Plants of Passion': Or was it the butler in the drawing room? Plants of passion, redemption and damnation. It could be Love or Death in the garden arbour! continue reading

Feeling Fruity - A Timely Talk

6th November 2019

'Feeling Fruity': A fruity idea for every month of the year. Gardeners don't stop at 5 a day. continue reading

Christmas Crimble - A Timely Talk

4th December 2019

'Christmas Crimble': A festive delight of plants and the festive unknown. Keep the Grinch at bay! continue reading