Book Signing with Richard Hardie

Event Date: 15th December 2018

Meet famous fiction writer Richard Hardie at South Downs Nurseries and get signed copies of his highly acclaimed books 'Trouble with Swords' and 'Leap of Faith'
From 10am


"Right from the off the pages come to life with vibrant characters who hold your interest. For young adults this is brilliant because history is played into the story with knowledge and know-how. I can highly recommend this book and it would be wonderful televised! Just a thought..."
"The story is ace! Tertia and Unita travels through the ages, sorting out problems, defeating evil and bringing back 'lost' items (even buildings!) from the 21st century, with Marlene, the sister of Merl (Merlin) being their boss. There's one adventure after another, and Richard has to know his history really well to play around with it as he does. I have one word for it: Fantastic!"
"This is quite simply a really enjoyable romp with so many comedic touches as to keep you chuckling from start to finish.........Funny, warm and thoroughly entertaining throughout, Leap of Faith is a joy to read from beginning to end and comes highly recommended.."
"The book seems to be written with sheer delight and the fun just jumps off the page. But don't be mistaken, there's some beautiful writing to make my heart leap, such as the "sea-stained windows" of the houses on the Welsh coast. I liked the atmospheric setting and the ending is great!"
"The gift of humour that Richard Hardie utilises with a subtle hand on these stories, elevate them above the norm. I suspect that the rather nifty Cameo from Mr T Pratchett and family in the restaurant and the author bio are testament to a hulking great inspiration from the disc-world author and the obvious interest and joy in that clever comedic turn of phrase is clear."
"I most definitely did not guess who the bad guy was. Altogether a great sequel to a highly recommended series."